Will PChrome Work With My Old Spray Chrome Machine?

If you are considering purchasing PChrome chrome spray in order to add the look of chrome to your project or in your shop, you may be hesitant to buy it if you already have your own painting equipment. Many hobbyists and shop owners already have their painting equipment and don’t want to have to go out and purchase new equipment simply to use chrome spray.

While it is true that many chrome spray manufacturers’ products can only be used if you purchase new, expensive and specialized equipment, PChrome has designed its kits to work with the machines that are manufactured by our competitors. PChrome spray chrome system may even be used with an HVLP paint sprayer, making it truly versatile and inexpensive to set up.

No matter what spray chrome machine you might already have, you can use it to apply PChrome to whatever you want. Our chrome spray works with conventional paint spraying guns. It also works with your HVLP paint sprayer as well as all of the expensive machines that our competitors sell. We additionally include our own specialized proprietary dual-nozzled paint sprayer in our professional kits that you can choose to use if you’d prefer.

Use PChrome solutions with any spray chrome system

PChrome Spray Is Invented

When you order a PChrome spray chrome system, it will come with everything that you need. While you don’t have to use a separate spray chrome machine, you can choose to do so if you are comfortable with the equipment that you already have in place. We send you all of the solutions and sprayers that you need included in our kits, so you will be ready to get to work as soon as you receive yours.

Apply PChrome with any HVLP paint sprayer

Apply PChrome with any HVLP paint sprayer

HVLP paint sprayers are terrific because they are better for the environment and waste very little paint. They are unable to handle some paints that have higher viscosities. You are able to use an HVLP gun with PChrome, however, allowing you to derive the benefits of being better for the environment while also avoiding product waste.

PChrome has been in business since 1932, and we offer the best spray chrome kits that are available on the market today. Our chrome spray offers the same durability, finish and feel as does traditional chrome plating. To order your kit today, call us or order online.

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