Spray Chrome For Wood

Whether you are an artist, a sculptor, an artisan or just simply love craft projects, you likely love the high-gloss shine that chrome provides. Chrome draws the eye with its mirrored finish, accentuating your object with the look of newness.

Chrome plating, the traditional process through which chrome is applied, is extremely expensive and is limited in the type of material to which it can be applied and the size of the piece. With PChrome, you won’t have these issues.

PChrome is a type of spray chrome that you are able to apply to almost anything and to objects of nearly any size. When you want to apply PChrome to wood, you can do so, and your result will be a brilliantly chromed object in the color of your choosing. Its versatility allows you to add bursts of shining color wherever you wish. The chroming process is easy, involving a series of simple applications without using the toxic acids that are used in the traditional chrome plating process.

Spray chrome can be used for wooden objects and will bind to them well. PChrome is highly durable and provides the same shine, feel and appearance of traditional chrome plating. Where you use it is up to you. It can be used to transform wooden chairs, a wooden table top, picture frames, wooden sculptures, branches or almost anything else. You apply it in stages, beginning with a base coat application, the top coat and finally a finishing clear coat. The result is a beautiful mirror-like finish that you can achieve in your home shop or garage.

Why PChrome is better than chrome spray paint

There are chrome spray paints that are available on the market for inexpensive prices. While these products claim that they give you the same appearance as traditional chrome, they do not. Spray chrome paint is simply paint. It does not metallize the surface of an object. Instead, like other spray paints, it can flake and is much less durable than PChrome spray.

On the other hand, PChrome spray is much more durable and does give the shine and finish that people expect from traditional chrome plating. Unlike a spray chrome paint, PChrome finishes can last for years.

Advantages of spray chrome for wood

Advantages of Spray Chrome

Using PChrome spray for wood has several advantages. It is much cheaper than traditional chrome plating, and you are able to apply it at home in your garage or shop. It has a much faster turnaround time since you do not have to send the piece off for traditional chrome plating. Unlike spray paint, PChrome is much more durable and does not fade or flake. You can also use it on very large pieces that you would not be able to chrome plate. Order your PChrome kit today for your project.

The advantages of PChrome include all of the following:

• Durability as good as chrome plating
• Bonds to the substrate just as well
• Highly weather-, scuffs-, and salt-resistant
• Highly reflective
• A greener choice than traditional chrome plating
• Cheaper cost
• Can be used regardless of the size of the part
• Can be used on-site
• Fewer steps in the process
• Thicker coatings
• Choice of materials
• Reduced turnaround time
• Fewer health and safety concerns

We offer a convenient starter kit that will provide up to 50 square feet of use so that you can get a better idea of what this can do for you.

Our kits are perfect for use by custom auto shops, reducing your costs and turnaround times so that you can enjoy higher profit margins.

If you are ready to learn more about PChrome and how you can use it for your own vehicle or project, we invite you to call today for more information or to order your kit today.