Spray Chrome For Glass

No matter who you are, you probably love the beautiful gloss that chrome offers. With its high-gleam, mirrored finish, chrome gives off the sense of modernity and cleanliness. Traditional chrome plating is costly, and it gives you only a limited choice of materials on which it can be applied and the size of your piece. PChrome spray is an alternative that allows you a much greater versatility at a lower cost.

PChrome is a spray chrome that can be used on pretty much anything that you can imagine. It bonds well to most surface materials, including plastic, metal, wood and glass. PChrome spray comes in a broad array of colors, allowing you to use it to accent your piece with color in unexpected ways. You can apply it using a straightforward series of applications.

When you use PChrome for glass, you can use it to add special effects of color within the glass itself, or you can add designs to glass that will make it stand out. It is great to use to add decorative touches to mirrors, glasses in bars and restaurants, on glass table tops and anywhere else you might desire. PChrome’s versatility and durability are almost unmatched, and you will be left with results that surpass your expectations.

Why PChrome is better than chrome spray paint

PChrome is far superior to the cheap chrome spray paint for glass that you might find in your local crafts or hardware store. The paint that comes in a spray can is not chrome. Instead, it is simply a silver-colored paint that will not give you the high-quality gleam that only chrome plating or PChrome can provide. Chrome spray paint will quickly wear, fade and flake, and it will not adhere to the glass in the same way that PChrome does.

Advantages of Spray Chrome For Glass

Advantages of Spray Chrome

PChrome chrome spray has multiple advantages for glass. You can use it to spray chrome glass of any size. Traditional chrome plating limits you to pieces of specific sizes that can fit into the acid baths that are used. PChrome spray does not require the use of toxic acid baths and may be used in your personal shop.

The advantages of using spray chrome for your glass project include the following:

● Bonds well
● Provides thicker layers
● Resists corrosion, abrasions and scratches
● Gives the same sheen that is provided by traditional plating
● Costs 25 percent of the amount that traditional plating does
● On-site capabilities
● Can be used to add color effects inside of your glass

We offer a convenient starter kit that will provide up to 50 square feet of use so that you can get a better idea of what this can do for you.

Our kits are perfect for use by custom auto shops, reducing your costs and turnaround times so that you can enjoy higher profit margins.

If you are ready to learn more about PChrome and how you can use it for your own vehicle or project, we invite you to call today for more information or to order your kit today.