International Orders

Want to order our products but can’t find them internationally? Don’t worry! We can fulfill international orders. However, we must follow a strict international order protocol to ensure your order is picked up and delivered appropriately.

  1. Request a Quote: All international customers MUST request for a quote on orders being shipping outside of the U.S. Once we generate the quote, we will email it back to you. The completed quote will contain:
    • Material Costs
    • Freight Costs
    • Hazmat Fees (If applicable)
    • Special Packaging Costs (If applicable)
    • Bank Charges for Wired Payments
    • Payment Terms (Instructions on how to make the wired payment)

To request a quote, click here.

  1. Approve or Deny the Quote: Once we email the quote to you, you have 30 days to decide whether to approve or deny the quote. If you accept all the charges and would like to move forward with placing the order, please approve the quote. If you do not accept the charges and would not like to proceed with placing an order, please deny the quote. You should email us back at letting us know whether your approve or deny the quote.


  1. Advanced Payment: We collect advanced payments on ALL international orders; therefore, once you approve your quote, you will need to follow the instructions on your quote under the line item “payment terms” in order to make the payment. Advanced payments MUST be in the form of wired bank transfer. Once you have initiated the bank transfer, please send us an email at with proof of funds transfer so that we can begin processing your order.


  1. Order Fulfillment: Once we receive your advanced payment, we will begin processing your order. You will receive an email confirmation letting you know we have begun work on the order. For international orders, this process can take between 3-10 business days at least.


  1. Shipment & Tracking: Once your order has been fulfilled, we will ship it out. Most international orders we process are shipped through Fedex Priority Air service. There are 2 options to ship via this service: Fedex Airport-to-Airport (023 Freight) Service or Fedex Door-to-Door Service. If you are an international client and would like to arrange for your own carrier pickup, please let us know at the time of order placement and we will work with your logistics contact to ensure it can be done. If this is the delivery method you choose, you must indicate this to us as an “EXWORKS” shipment.


    • Fedex Airport-to-Airport (023 International Express Freight Forwarding) Service: This service is available in most international countries. This means when we ship packages, they will arrive at the airport closest to your destination. Please note, you will need to incur additional costs to clear your package at the airport. In order to clear these shipments, you will need to appoint a broker. The broker will work with customs officers at the airport to clear the package. To help your broker do this effectively, you may need a copy of your commercial invoice and Air Waybill. You can request copies of these by emailing us at If you need help tracking your package or have other questions for Fedex 023, you will need to contact the Fedex 023 Freight Forwarding Desk at 1-877-398-5851. Your tracking number will start with 023 and will have a total of 11 digits and can be found on your invoice.


    • Fedex Door-to-Door Service: The ability to ship Door-to-Door for international clients is limited and varies per country. Choosing this service means your package will be delivered directly to your destination. In this situation, Fedex will assign a broker to clear your package from customs on your behalf. You may or may not need a copy of your commercial invoice and Air Waybill. You can request copies of these by emailing us at You may need to incur additional costs to clear the package; however, you can be assured it will arrive at your door correctly. If you need help tracking your package or have other questions for Fedex, you will need to contact Fedex Customer Care at your local number (obtained through Fedex website) and ask for the “Fedex Door-to-Door Department”. If you do not specify this department, you will not be able to receive assistance. Your tracking number will have a total of 12 digits and can be found on your invoice.

It is important to note that international shipments can take anywhere from 3-10 business days to ship to the destination from the date of shipment. Please be patient and make sure to track your shipment when possible. If you have any issues with your shipment, first contact the carrier. If the issue is still not resolved, please give us a call at 215-729-4400 or email us at