People love the shiny and beautiful appearance of chrome. With its mirror-like finish, chrome can add excitement on whatever it is applied. People want to add chrome finishes for many different purposes. They may be restoring classic cars or motorcycles, customizing vehicles, or using chrome to add decorative features in hotel lobbies, high-end restaurants or others.

Artists, craftspeople and sculptors also love chrome. It can be added to give paintings and sculptures unexpected touches, allowing artists to express their creative visions in unique and innovative ways. With spray on chrome systems, people have an alternative to traditional chrome plating that is a better choice for multiple reasons.

Drawbacks of traditional chrome plating

When you choose traditional chrome plating, you have to send off the part you want to chrome to a company that specializes in it. Chrome plating is heavily regulated because of the toxic chemicals and acids that are used in the process. The waste from chrome plating requires specific steps for legally disposing of it, and it is very bad for the environment.

Chrome plating is also not as good of an option because of the time and expense that are involved with it. Since you have to send off your part, it may add weeks to your project. It is also much pricier than choosing to spray chrome your part instead. Finally, traditional chrome plating cannot be added to many different surface materials, limiting its application possibilities. You will also be limited in the size of the part that you want to chrome.

Why use spray chrome?


Spray chrome is substantially less expensive while still giving the same high-quality finish and durable shine that traditional plating provides. Spray chrome can also be applied on site, obviating the need to send the part off for chroming. This provides you with the advantage of time savings, so you can complete your project much faster. PChrome spray can be used on almost any material you want, including glass, wood, plastic, metal and much more. Its application requires fewer steps and it is also easy to do. Your finished project will have a thicker coating that will resist scratching and environmental exposures. You are also not limited in the size of the part you want to chrome, giving you much more versatility in what you would like to chrome.

Where can spray chrome be applied?

Spray chrome can be used almost anywhere. You can add chrome details to your wheels, bumper and trim of your vehicle. Some people enjoy chroming entire cars in states where doing so is legal. Artists and sculptors enjoy adding chrome touches to give an added depth and beauty to their works. You can use spray chrome to add rich luster to glasses, to the top of a bar or almost any surface you want.

Why use spray chrome? In short, it is better for the environment, gives you the same look and finish provided by traditional chrome plating, can be applied on site, is less expensive and is much more versatile. Order your spray on chrome system today on our website. You can also call us if you would like more information about kit will be most appropriate for your needs.