Spray Chrome For Plastic

No matter what your background might be, you are likely drawn to the beautiful shine of chrome. Chrome has long been a favorite for many people because of its brilliant mirror-like finish and the manner in which it can make something old appear new again. Traditional chrome plating has some unfortunate disadvantages, however. It is very costly and requires you to send your parts to a specialized chrome-plating business. This can add significant time to your project. PChrome spray, on the other hand, is very versatile and can be used in your home. It also allows you to use it to give the beautiful look of chrome to almost anything, including plastic.

By using PChrome spray, you can chrome plastic pieces and parts. This can allow you to make the plastic look like chrome. PChrome spray may be used to transform stereo dials, plastic cars, door handles and anything else that is made out of plastic that you wish to add the beauty of chrome to. It is a great choice for remote-control hobbyists, allowing them to bring their cars and planes to life.

Why PChrome is better than chrome spray paint


PChrome is a far better choice than chrome spray paint for plastic. Chrome spray paint is a cheap silver spray that is sold in local hardware stores and craft shops. It is not chrome, but it is instead simply a spray paint similar to any other spray paint. While it may add a shine, the gloss it provides will not match the finish provided by PChrome spray or traditional chrome plating. The layer it adds is a thin one, and it will quickly wear, possibly fading, peeling or flaking. PChrome spray is highly durable and provides thick layers of coverage. It does not flake, peel or fade, but it will instead last for a long time, allowing you to enjoy your finish much longer.

Advantages of Spray Chrome

Advantages of Spray Chrome

Spray chrome for plastic has several advantages. It can be used on many more surfaces than can traditional chrome plating. It also doesn’t need the toxic acid baths that are required for the chrome-plating process. You can apply it on-site and will not need to send your parts away for chroming. The application process is straightforward and provides you with the same beautiful finish that you expect with chrome.

The advantages of PChrome include all of the following:

• Durability as good as chrome plating
• Bonds to the substrate just as well
• Highly weather-, scuffs-, and salt-resistant
• Highly reflective
• A greener choice than traditional chrome plating
• Cheaper cost
• Can be used regardless of the size of the part
• Can be used on-site
• Fewer steps in the process
• Thicker coatings
• Choice of materials
• Reduced turnaround time
• Fewer health and safety concerns

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