Learn How To Apply PChrome

Applying PChrome is as easy as following the step by step directions, but you do have to follow the instructions precisely to get the full reflective, high shine you’re after.

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Watch the videos below to learn a few tips and tricks, or click here to be taken to the instructions.

The Exciting Possibilities Of PChrome

PChrome is a new finish with a gloss that outshines any other coating. Use it on wood for exciting furniture restoration, plastic for dynamic retail exhibits, plaster art work for explosive effect, metal to achieve a lightening burst that that rivals the sun. The three layer process starts with a Permalac 2K foundation. The bright shine middle layer uses the same coating found on the back of the worlds most beautiful mirrors.

PChrome Pro Tips

Detailed tips on using PChrome and avoiding common spray chrome pit falls

Making a first surface mirror for Chrome Replacement

Here’s an instructional video explaining how to mirror any surface using PChrome chemicals.

Outstanding By Outshining

Matt Boulard of MCB Metal Restoration explains some of the new custom options and services that PChrome allows him to offer his customers.

How PChrome is Applied

How Tough is PChrome

PChrome, a chrome-like mirror surface on just about any material. See the cross hatch tape test applied to PChrome.

PChrome Silvering Step

PChrome, chrome-like mirror surface on just about any materials. See the process to plate silver to the Basecoat to create a mirror surface ready for topcoating.