The Ultimate Spray Chrome Comparison

The Ultimate Spray Chrome Comparison

If you’re trying to decide which spray chrome system is right for you, we’ve gathered all of the information that you need in order to make your decision. We have gathered information about all of the most important factors in order to help you with choosing your product with this spray chrome comparison of the leading products available on the market. We’ve compared the spray chrome systems offered by PChrome, Alsa, Gilding, Eptex Coating, Verchromen 24, Spectra Chrome, Chrome Illusion, Cosmichrome, Custom Creations UK Hydrochrome and SprayOnChromeKit in this easy, one-stop spray chrome comparison guide.

What to look for in a spray-chrome kit

When you are looking for a spray-chrome kit, you’ll want to choose one that is highly durable, easy to use, flexible and cost-effective. You’ll also want one that gives a similar look and feel as what is provided by traditional chrome plating.

Having a variety of color options is important as well. Among the available choices, PChrome has demonstrated excellent adhesion in a cross-hatch test. The spray chrome that is available from Spectra Chrome and Cosmichrome also have good adhesion. The adhesion of the spray provided by Angel Gilding is limited, making it not the best choice for durability. The other offerings have unknown adhesion capabilities.

One thing that makes PChrome stand out is its product freshness. It is shipped directly to you, arriving within days of its manufacture. Among the remaining brands, only Angel Gilding is known to ship its products soon after their manufacture.

Which spray-chrome kit is easier to set up?

It is also important that the kit you choose is one that is easy to set up so that you can get to work on your project. PChrome comes with everything you need, including the dual-nozzle spray gun. You do not have to buy any separate and expensive equipment with PChrome. Among the other brands, Angel Gilding, SprayOnChromeKit and Custom Creations also are easy to set up. The remaining product lines require you to purchase separate equipment, making the set up much less straightforward and more expensive.

Which will make my project look better?

All of the spray chrome systems will look great, but you’re going to want to know that the excellent look will last. Angel Gilding does not show good adhesion, meaning that it is unlikely to last as long as you’d like.

PChrome gives the brilliant luster and mirror-like finish that people expect from chrome, and it is highly durable. It comes in five different tints in addition to the standard hue and is compatible with the industry tints that are currently on the market. Alsa, Verchromen 24 and Chrome Illusion offer no separate tints. The remaining companies have a good selection of available hues.

Which spray-chrome kit is best for beginners?

If you are a beginner, it is important for you to choose a system that comes in a variety of size options. This can allow you to purchase a smaller kit so that you can see what type of results you might expect before moving on to the larger ones. PChrome comes in a variety of size options, including ounces, pints, quarts and gallons. Among the other brands, only Angel Gilding also provides a variety of sizing choices.

Which spray-chrome manufacturer offers the best tech support?

Your final consideration should be a company that offers both the best product as well as the best technical support. PChrome has tech support staff to answer your questions via telephone, email and video. Angel Gilding also offers these options. Cosmichrome offers telephone support as does Custom Creations UK Hydrochrome if you call the company’s UK number. The others have limited support or no support.

Now that you have a better idea about the products and companies offering them, call PChrome today to order your kit so that you can get started on your own spray-chrome project.

Alsa Corp VS PChrome Comparison Chart

Angel Guilding VS PChrome Comparison Chart

Eptex Coating VS PChrome Comparison Chart

Verchromen 24 VS PChrome Comparison Chart

Spectra Chrome VS PChrome Comparison Chart

  • Brillancy is the intensity of the silver reflection and the clarity of the chrome like color
  • Tech Support Line is the actual experience and expertize of the support person. PChrome calls are handled by the guys who make the product and have spent years spraying it.
  • Integrated System, PChrome has designed the chemistry of all of its products and manufactures them all in Philadelphia. PChrome solutions are optimized to ideally match with their counterparts. PChrome does not mix and match components from multiple manufacturers
  • Flexible Setup, PChrome does not sell spray tables or confine the user with unnecessary and difficult to maintain equipment. Just the solutions, a dual headed spray gun and PChrome is ready for use in any shop.
  • Adhesion is the capability to survive the industry standard cross hatch tape test.
  • Color Options is the compatibilty with industry standard tints and the availability of predefined colors for the top coat.
  • Product Freshness is the time between manufacture and delivery. PChrome is made every day andvisvuseallybavfew days old when it ships. Many competitors do not manufacture their products so they import from Europe of China. Itvsitsvin theirvwarehouse for months before shipping.
  • Ease of Ordering, online with clear grouping of products to quickly order refills
  • Speed of Delivery. Morning orders ship that day. Late afternoon orders ship the next day
  • Size Options. PChrome manufactures every thing it sells. Orders are filled as they come in. We have small 2-4 oz sizes and multiple gallon sizes to fit the needs ofcsmall and large users.
  • Pricing is based on cost per square foot of coverage. PChrome offers one of the lower but not the lowest cost pervsquare foot.

Order Your Kit Today!

Now that you have a better idea about the products and companies offering them, call PChrome today to order your kit so that you can get started on your own spray-chrome project.