Spray Chrome For Metal

Chrome has a unique ability to speak to people, communicating beauty and luxury with its mirror-like, high-gloss finish. Traditionally, people had to rely on chrome plating to achieve the look they wanted. PChrome chrome spray is a terrific alternative that costs about 25 percent of the amount you would pay for traditional chrome plating. It can also be used in your shop or garage to chrome your parts without needing to send them off to specialized chrome-plating facilities, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to chrome your parts.

One terrific aspect of spray chrome is its versatility. It bonds well to almost all substrates, including metal, glass, plastic and wood. Coming in an array of hues, you can add unique color bursts for decorative surprises. It is easy to apply, requiring only a short series of applications.

PChrome spray on chrome is an excellent choice for metal. PChrome bonds well to metal, and it gives the same look and finish as traditional chrome plating. You can use it for custom effects on automobiles, restoring bumpers or refinishing entire vehicles in states where it’s allowed. You can also use it to add chrome touches to metal sculptures, metal staircase railings or wherever you want the unparalleled beauty of chrome.

Why PChrome is better than chrome spray paint

Spray Chrome For Metal

You may have heard about chrome spray paint. It is sold in cans just like other spray paints, and it is very cheap for good reason. Chrome spray paint is not chrome. Instead, it is a cheap silver paint that will add a substandard gloss to your metal. The application will be thin, and it will wear, fade and flake off within a few months. PChrome, by contrast, is very durable, provides thick layers and withstands corrosion and abrasions while providing a long-lasting shine.

PChrome has been successfully used to customize the following:

  • Chrome Bumper
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Shifter
  • Door Handles
  • Knobs
  • Antennas
  • Grilles
  • Hood Emblems
  • Wheels
  • Button Assemblies
  • Fender Trim
  • Wheel Covers and Hubcaps
  • Sill Plates
  • Valve Covers
  • Oil Caps
  • Battery Tie Downs
  • Hood Hinges
  • Motor Mounts
  • Intake Manifolds
  • Air Intakes
  • Alternators
  • Water Pumps
  • Stabilizer Bars

Advantages of spray chrome for metal

Advantages of Spray Chrome

There are several reasons why PChrome spray is a superior choice over both chrome spray paint and traditional chrome plating for metal, including the following:

● Much more durable than spray paint
● Gives the same brilliant shine as chrome plating
● Can be used on parts of any size
● Is available in a variety of different hues
● Can be applied on-site
● Substantial time and cost savings
● Thicker coatings
● Lesser environmental impact
● Doesn’t require hazardous acid baths

If you are ready to try PChrome spray for your metal chroming project, order your kit today.