About Us: PhD chemist William Peacock founded Peacock Laboratories in the early 1930s. The company started as a manufacturer of mirrors and silvering solutions. This was back when mirrors were handmade by skilled craftsmen, rendering them both highly prized and expensive. The silver spraying technology developed by our company helped pave the path to automated mirror manufacturing in that thousands of mirrors could be produced in a day, rendering the products suddenly very inexpensive and universally available. Many years later, our company set foot into the coatings and spray-on chrome industries, introducing Permalac and PChrome. Permalac, a solvent-based clearcoat lacquer, is incredibly user-friendly yet exceptionally durable and practical. PChrome, a silver-based, spray-on-chrome suite of chemicals, is an economical and safer alternative to traditional chrome plating.

PChrome is a product that uses the original silver spraying technique that Dr. Peacock first developed in the 1930s.  The PChrome suite can create the same mirror-type, high-gleam finish as Chrome. It is highly versatile and can be used in auto/motorcycle shops, artist studios, or manufacturing processes to give a chrome finish to many different surfaces. Unlike traditional chroming, applying our PChrome spray-on chrome does not require using the potentially toxic and hazardous acid baths required by conventional chrome plating. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with a durable product that gives them the look and feel they want while also having a substantially smaller environmental impact and fewer health concerns. PChrome can be used on many substrates, including metal, glass, plastic, ceramic, and more. We have also developed specialized sensitizers that prime these non-metallic surfaces so that our PChrome spray-on chrome will bind well. Our PChrome spray can be applied using our double-nozzle silver spray gun. These guns provide the even and almost instantaneous spray applications our customers love. The application process is easy, requiring just a few simple applications that can be completed directly at your site. PChrome is an excellent choice for artists, motorcycle shops, auto body shops, automotive restorers, hobbyists, remote control enthusiasts, craftspeople, and anyone who wants chrome’s look. Our product is substantially less expensive than traditional plating, yet it still gives the same high-gleam finish, feel, and look for about 25 percent of the cost.

At Peacock Laboratories, Inc., we are dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement. Our commitment to quality is evident in our rigorous quality control process, which includes checking representative samples of every solution and technical coating we produce. We strive to ensure that every product you order from us meets your expectations and performs successfully for its intended purpose. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to assist you in manufacturing mirrored products efficiently, effectively, and economically. Whether you have a unique application or an unusual specification, you can rely on Peacock Laboratories, Inc. to collaborate with you and find the best solution to achieve your desired results.