Spray Chrome For Industrial Paint Applications

If you are a manufacturer, you likely would like your company to stand apart from the competition and to be able to emerge even better off during economic downturns. The key way to do this is to offer features and design touches to your products that draw customers to them. By prioritizing your customers’ satisfaction and offering them the products that they want, you can position your company to become a world-class manufacturer that can weather any storm.

Spray Chrome For Industrial Paint Applications

Spray chrome for manufacturers

Manufacturers at the top of their game understand that even the smallest details require careful attention. If you add chrome touches to the products that you offer, customers will be drawn to them because of their lustrous sheen. You can save on your costs by choosing PChrome chrome spray systems to give you the durable, beautiful shine that is offered by traditional chrome plating but at a fraction of the cost. PChrome is an excellent choice for decorative machine parts and building materials. It can be used on parts of any size and can add a quality feel to your products, packaging, supplies, packaging and other industrial paint applications.

Spray chrome for industrial painting

Spray chrome for industrial painting

PChrome can be used with your existing painting equipment, helping you to save costs by not requiring you to go out and purchase new spray systems in order to use it. It offers thicker coatings with mirror-like finishes, and it withstands corrosion and is scratch-resistant. Since you do not need to send your parts off to be chromed, you can also enjoy faster turnaround times so that you can meet your company’s deadlines.

Spray chrome for industrial paint sprayers

PChrome is highly versatile and is easy to incorporate into your existing plant’s set up. You can use it with any industrial paint sprayers, including industrial machines. The application requires following a few simple steps, leaving you with the finish that your products deserve. Since it doesn’t require the toxic acid baths that are required by traditional chrome plating, it is also more eco-friendly and can be used on parts of any size.

Advantages of Spray Chrome

Among the numerous advantages of choosing PChrome over traditional plating, you can enjoy all of the following:

• PChrome is equally durable and hard
• Bonds equally well to the substrate and can be used on more substrate types
• Just as resistant to salt, weather and abrasions
• Equally reflective
• Smaller environmental footprint
• No limitation on part size and has on-site application capabilities
• Low capital outlay
• Fewer process steps
• Thicker industrial paint coatings
• Shorter turnaround times
• Fewer health and safety concerns

These kits are terrific for custom motorcycle shops because they can offer lower costs and turnaround times that translate into higher profits and satisfied customers. PChrome is also a good option to use as industrial paint coatings for store fixtures, packaging, restaurant designs, mirror makers and plastic parts makers. No matter what type of industrial painting purpose you might have, PChrome should be your top choice. To learn more, contact us today.

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