What is Spray Chrome?

What is Spray Chrome?

Historically, the way that chrome features were added to cars and other objects was by electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto the metal surface. This process can be highly toxic and is heavily regulated. Spray chrome is an alternative means to get the same high-shine lustrous finish of chrome without having to send off your parts or to use the toxic acid baths that traditional chroming requires. Instead, spray chrome is not chrome. It is instead a front-surfaced silver mirror that is applied to your parts through a series of spray steps. Our spray chrome kits consist of most of the chemicals necessary to create this “chrome-like” finish, but by using the chemistry of mirror-making, not traditional chrome-plating.

What Spray Chrome is Not

It is important to understand the difference between spray chrome and spray paint. Spray chrome is not a spray paint. Instead, when you apply the spray chrome using the steps, a chemical reaction will occur on the surface of the object you are chroming. The metallic layer is made out of a silver nitrate solution. To get the finish that you want with spray chrome, you must follow the application steps.

Understanding Spray Chrome

Because of the conductivity of the silver nitrate, you have to first apply a base coat to your object in order to metallize it. Our kits contain the chemicals and solutions that you need to apply your base coat (base coat may or may not be included), sensitize its surface, metallize it and to apply your top coat. Spray chrome can be used on almost any surface and on parts of nearly any size. This makes it much more versatile than the traditional chrome-plating process.

Why You Need a Top Coat

Silver can tarnish and turn black when it is exposed to air. You must protect your silver layer after metallizing your object. This is accomplished by applying the topcoat. To get the pure look of brilliance without yellowing, you will need to add a small amount of violet to your top coat solution. We provide you with the chemicals that you need to do this.

Benefits of Using PChrome Spray Chrome

There are many benefits of using PChrome spray chrome instead of traditional chrome electroplating. It is much less expensive, costing around 20 percent of the cost of chrome plating. You also will be able to complete the process in your shop without sending your parts away, allowing you to have much faster turnaround times, which can translate into more profits. Spray chrome gives a highly durable, lustrous finish that can withstand the elements and the weather.