Spray Chrome Comparison

Hydrochrome VS PChrome

At PChrome, we understand that purchasing a spray chrome system involves important decision-making. If you are trying to decide whether you should choose Hydrochrome by Custom Creations or PChrome spray chrome, you likely need information about what each company has to offer. We have gathered detailed information about the systems offered by both companies in order to help you choose the system that will meet your needs.

About Hydrochrome

Hydrochrome is offered by Custom Creation Paints, LTD. Located in the U.K., the company offers silver nitrate spray chrome systems. The company also sells paint spray cans in addition to its systems and chrome sprays. For technical support, customers have to call internationally to the U.K. The adhesion of its products is unknown. It does offer a good color selection and online ordering. Once you place your order, it takes about a month for you to receive your products. The company’s manufacturing centers are located in the U.K. and Italy, and it provides limited choices for its product sizes.

Hydrochrome spray chrome system

Hydrochrome offers a mini spray chrome kit that is meant to be used for smaller projects. Its mini system can be used with paint spray bottles and can cover up to 32 square feet. The company notes that the mini kit is not appropriate for exterior uses or automobiles. The company offers a larger kit called the Hydrochrome Extreme system as well. It is more durable and is designed for exterior uses, areas with heavy traffic and automobiles. People will need to purchase a dual-nozzled spray gun to use the larger kit.

Differences in Silver Solutions

The concentration of silver and the quality of raw materials used to manufacture the S solutions are critical. The formulation know-how and the tight manufacturing controls we bring with over 80 years of silver making history give our customers unprecedented quality and performance.

Equally important is the freshness of the solutions. Both the S and the R solutions have a relatively short shelf life. It is the nature of the chemistry that changes will occur as the product sits on the shelf. PChrome solutions are made daily and rarely sit in our warehouse for more than a few days.

Most of our competitors are buying their solutions in bulk from outside the US. PChrome comes to you a few days old while others are selling product that has sat in warehouses and ships often for months. Freshness counts when you are looking for brilliance.


PChrome Spray Chrome Kits

PChrome offers spray chrome kits in a variety of sizes, including artist starter kits and professional kits. There is a broad variety of size options, including ounces, pints, quarts and gallons, allowing you to choose the size that you need for your project. PChrome offers several options for technical support, including email, phone and video. It can be used with competitors’ equipment so that you can use what you already have on hand with your PChrome system. PChrome’s spray chrome comes in a good array of color choices, and it has excellent adhesion in cross-hatch tests.

When you choose PChrome, you will have your products shipped to you within 24 hours. We are a company based in Philadelphia, and the products are manufactured in-house so that you will enjoy excellent product freshness. To place your order for your PChrome spray chrome kit, contact us today.

Hydrochrome VS PChrome Comparison Chart

  • Brillancy is the intensity of the silver reflection and the clarity of the chrome like color
  • Tech Support Line is the actual experience and expertize of the support person. PChrome calls are handled by the guys who make the product and have spent years spraying it.
  • Integrated System, PChrome has designed the chemistry of all of its products and manufactures them all in Philadelphia. PChrome solutions are optimized to ideally match with their counterparts. PChrome does not mix and match components from multiple manufacturers
  • Flexible Setup, PChrome does not sell spray tables or confine the user with unnecessary and difficult to maintain equipment. Just the solutions, a dual headed spray gun and PChrome is ready for use in any shop.
  • Adhesion is the capability to survive the industry standard cross hatch tape test.
  • Color Options is the compatibilty with industry standard tints and the availability of predefined colors for the top coat.
  • Product Freshness is the time between manufacture and delivery. PChrome is made every day andvisvuseallybavfew days old when it ships. Many competitors do not manufacture their products so they import from Europe of China. Itvsitsvin theirvwarehouse for months before shipping.
  • Ease of Ordering, online with clear grouping of products to quickly order refills
  • Speed of Delivery. Morning orders ship that day. Late afternoon orders ship the next day
  • Size Options. PChrome manufactures every thing it sells. Orders are filled as they come in. We have small 2-4 oz sizes and multiple gallon sizes to fit the needs ofcsmall and large users.
  • Pricing is based on cost per square foot of coverage. PChrome offers one of the lower but not the lowest cost pervsquare foot.

Order Your Kit Today!

If you are ready to order your own chrome spray kit, we hope that our spray chrome comparison has led you to choose PChrome. Contact us today so that we can get the system that you want for your own projects.