What You Need To Know When Choosing An Automotive Paintshop

What You Need To Know When Choosing An Automotive Paint shop

If you are needing to get a new paint job for your vehicle, you’ll want to make certain that you choose a good paint shop. If the chrome on your car has rust spots or scratches, you’ll also want to make certain that the shop that you choose has the ability to refinish those features as well. An auto painting shop that is able to chrome your bumper, wheels and other touches on your car in-house is ideal since sending parts off for chroming costs money and additional time. Here is what you should look for in an ideal auto painting shop.

What prep work does the shop do?

Prep work is important and greatly affects the outcome of your paint job. This should include removal of trim, badges, grilles, door handles and headlights before painting. Nothing looks worse than paint that has been over-sprayed onto parts it doesn’t belong on.

Does the shop chrome parts in-house, or does it send them off?

An ideal paint shop should be one that is able to chrome your parts in-house. While traditional chroming usually requires sending your parts elsewhere, some automotive painting shops use PChrome chrome spray to get the same feel and look as you can receive with traditional chrome plating. This can save you time and money while giving you that mirror-like finish that you want.

What prep work does the shop do?

What have others said about the shop?

Research online to see if other people have complained about the shop that you are considering. You’ll want to see if there are any complaints that have been lodged about the longevity of a paint job because some problems may not show up until a few months have passed.

Does the shop use quality materials?

The best shops use better paint materials. You’ll want to choose a shop that uses paints such as Arko Nobel, PPG or Dupont. They should also use a chrome spray paint like PChrome. These manufacturers represent the top-of-the-line in paint and chrome spray. If your shop uses these, you’ll have a much better result.

Does the shop use quality materials?

Are the technicians qualified?

You’ll want to make certain that the technicians at your shop are qualified. They should have training and certifications. This can help you feel confident that they won’t try to cut corners and will use the proper primers and seam sealants.

Are there positive reviews online?

Like checking for complaints, you should also check to see if others have left positive reviews or recommendations. You can find these on specialized review sites. You may also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if your shop is accredited. Talk to other people and find out what the reputation for the shop is in your community.

Is the shop clean, and does it use high-quality equipment?

A shop that is willing to invest in high-quality equipment demonstrates that it prides itself on offering excellent work. Similarly, cleanliness also indicates that the shop is proud of what it offers to its customers. Paint shops should always be clean to reduce the risk of contaminants getting into your paint or chrome. A good shop should have a negative-pressure downdraft booth, and it should clean its filters on a regular schedule.

Is there a warranty?

Ask if the paintshop offers a warranty on your paint job. Painting your vehicle can be expensive and may cost up to $5,000 for the best paint job. It is important that you get a warranty to protect your investment. The warranty should cover both the materials that are used and the workmanship.

By asking the right questions, you can make certain that you choose an auto paintshop that will give you the beautiful look that you want for your vehicle. To learn more about PChrome, call us today.