The Dangers Of Traditional Chrome Plating

Ever since the chrome-plating process was invented, generations of people have loved the brilliant shine that chrome has to offer. Unfortunately, there are several problems with traditional chrome plating. It is bad for the environment, uses toxic acid baths and may cause various health conditions. Pollution is a major concern as the byproducts of chrome plating are hazardous substances. Fortunately, spray chrome is a much safer alternative to chrome plating.

The problem with traditional chrome plating

There are several known dangers of traditional chrome plating involving heavy metals. Chromium contains Hexavalent chromium, which is a known carcinogen. The plating process uses lead, which can be absorbed through the skin and can cause liver, organ and brain damage. Cyanide is very toxic. It is used in the chrome-plating process and can be deadly to humans. Finally, cadmium that is used in the process can cause cancer and kidney and lung failure.

Chromium and its negative effects on the environment

Many chrome-plating facilities are located in urban, low-income areas. They expose nearby residents to hexavalent chromium and other dangerous byproducts that can lead to increased cancer rates in the surrounding populations. Because of the potential damage to the environment that metal finishing can cause, chrome-plating facilities must treat their wastewater before releasing it. The byproducts also must go through a rigorous disposal protocol because of the dangers that they pose.

Health effects of chromium

Chromium may cause the development of cancers in people who are exposed to it. Because of the other heavy metals that are used in the chrome-plating process, people may also suffer kidney failure, lung failure, brain damage, liver damage and organ damage. People who accidentally ingest cyanide that is used in the chrome-plating process may die. The dangers of traditional chrome plating outweigh the benefits. Fortunately, spray chrome is much safer and offers the same desirable look and feel as does traditional chrome plating.

Spray chrome: A safer alternative

PChrome manufactures spray chrome systems that people can use to get the same high-gloss shine that traditional plating offers. The application steps are simple, and the results are durable. PChrome chrome spray gives the same appearance and feel as traditional chrome plating. It does not use the highly toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are required for the traditional chrome-plating process. People may thus get the results they want while making a much smaller footprint on the environment. To learn more about PChrome chrome spray systems, contact us today.