3 Ways To Cut Costs And Boost Your Car Detailing Business

If you have your own car detailing business and would like to boost your profits, you might want to consider some of the programs that PChrome offers. When you add PChrome spray chrome products, you can drive up your sales and attract a larger customer base. PChrome has several programs that are available to businesses that may be of interest

Forget Powder Coating, Think Spray Chrome!

If you want to use an alternative process to traditional chrome plating, you have likely heard about powder coating as one option. There are several reasons why you should instead choose PChrome spray chrome over powder coating. PChrome chrome spray offers multiple advantages over both powder coating and chrome plating. Understanding the powder coating process When you powder coat your object,

10 Hurdles Automotive DIY Painters Commonly Face

If you are new to auto painting, it is important that you understand some common problems that many people face with their finishes. By understanding them, you can prevent them from happening and correct existing problems. One of the best things you can do is to take the time to adequately prepare the surface of your vehicle. Doing so can
What You Need To Know When Choosing An Automotive Paintshop

What You Need To Know When Choosing An Automotive Paint shop

If you are needing to get a new paint job for your vehicle, you'll want to make certain that you choose a good paint shop. If the chrome on your car has rust spots or scratches, you'll also want to make certain that the shop that you choose has the ability to refinish those features as well. An auto painting