3 Ways To Cut Costs And Boost Your Car Detailing Business

If you have your own car detailing business and would like to boost your profits, you might want to consider some of the programs that PChrome offers. When you add PChrome spray chrome products, you can drive up your sales and attract a larger customer base. PChrome has several programs that are available to businesses that may be of interest to you. Here is how you can grow your business with PChrome.

Become a spray chrome distributor

Customers love the look of beautifully chromed surfaces. When you offer PChrome spray chrome, your customers can enjoy the look and beauty that chrome provides. PChrome’s distributor program allows you to get the kits that you want to sell to your business customers at a 25 percent discount. We offer drop shipments directly to your customers so that you do not have to store your inventory on site. By becoming a distributor, you can add a second line to your business, helping to increase your profits.

Become a spray chrome reseller

When you become a PChrome spray chrome reseller, you can sell PChrome directly to your customers. This product has the added benefit of not requiring any expensive equipment. The kits come with everything that your customers need to add chrome features to their projects. You can also choose to offer chroming services in your existing shop. You can fax your customers’ orders to PChrome or call them in. We can eliminate the hassle of your keeping an inventory in your shop by shipping the products directly to your customers or to you, according to your preference.

Offer your own product with the white-label spray chrome program

If you want to sell spray chrome to your customers but want to add your own labels, consider participating in PChrome’s white-label spray chrome program. Through this, we can add your own brand name to our products. Your customers will still be getting the highest-quality spray chrome that PChrome makes. We have been offering spray chrome products since 1932 and have the experience to produce the highest-quality spray chrome in the industry.

Adding chrome products to your detailing business can help to inflate your profits and to expand your business’s reach. When you choose to participate in one of PChrome’s programs, you can get started almost immediately. To learn more and to get started, call PChrome today or fill out your information in our contact form.