Spray Chrome Can Make You Tons Of Cash. Here's How!

Spray Chrome Can Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

If you are like most people, you probably love the attractive beauty and shine of chrome. Many people would love to have their own chroming businesses, but they are scared off by the hazards and regulations involved. Starting a spray chrome business is an excellent alternative. When you choose PChrome, you can get started without needing to store large amounts of inventory. Here is how you can earn lots of money with PChrome’s spray chrome system.

Become a PChrome distributor

An excellent way for you to make money with spray chrome is to choose to become a PChrome distributor. We have been in business since 1932, and our chrome spray is the best in the industry. Our wholesale distributors receive a 25 percent discount on our prices, allowing you an excellent profit margin on the products you sell. You will be able to sell PChrome to your business customers, a majority of which are likely to be motorcycle shops, auto-body shops and other professionals who are likely to already have the needed equipment. This means that they can save money by not needing to make additional investments in equipment, and they are likely to return to your products again and again because of the quick turnaround times, ease of application and their own increased profits.

Join the PChrome reseller program

The PChrome reseller program offers a terrific option if you want to start your own commercial chrome business. When you choose the dropship reseller program, you’ll derive multiple benefits. There is no minimum order, and you will not have to keep inventory. We offer drop shipments directly to your customers’ doors or docks. You’ll be able to put your own labels on our products so that you can build your name, reputation, and brand as you expand your reach through smart marketing tactics.

Start your own spray chrome company

While you likely love the look and feel of chrome, starting your own traditional chrome-plating business involves significant regulatory compliance problems and a substantial financial outlay. By contrast, when you start your own spray chrome company, you can offer your customers the lustrous look and feel of traditional chrome without needing to worry about the strict regulations involved with chrome-plating businesses. PChrome offers a highly durable finish that is thicker while also giving the shine for which chrome is admired. It is possible to start your own company without needing to build special facilities or worry about the disposal of the hazardous waste involved with traditional chrome plating.

PChrome spray chrome kits are excellent choices for people who want to open their own chrome businesses or to become distributors or resellers of these kits. To learn more or to get started today, call PChrome, and we’ll be happy to help you!