Read This Before You Start Your Chrome Plating Business

Many people love the look of chrome and some consider starting their own chrome-plating businesses. It is important for people to understand the complexities that are involved with opening a chrome-plating business. It might be a better option to consider opening a chrome spray business instead.

Starting your chrome plating business

If you are thinking about opening your own chrome-plating business, it is important for you to first gain some experience in the industry. Chrome plating involves using toxic acids and chemicals, and it is not the type of business that you can simply decide to open and hang your shingle. Chrome-plating businesses must follow exceedingly strict EPA guidelines and regulations and must dispose of waste properly.

Drawbacks of a chrome plating business

Chrome plating businesses have multiple drawbacks. The toxic acid baths that are required for the electroplating process are environmentally hazardous. This means that there are numerous federal and state regulations that must be tightly followed. The byproducts from chrome plating can easily penetrate and contaminate the soil, and the shop must have proper ventilation. Because of the legal complexities of opening a chrome-plating business, the start-up costs can range from $100,000 to $200,000. The disposal costs of the byproducts average around $60,000 per year. The chemicals themselves are regulated, and you are forever responsible for them if they later poison the ground or harm people, leaving you open to lawsuits in the future.

Consider a spray chrome business instead

Spray chrome is an excellent alternative to traditional chrome plating. Many cars now rely on spray chrome instead of chrome plating for the wheels, bumpers and other car features. Chrome spray has the same appearance as traditional chrome plating but does not use the toxic acid baths that traditional plating requires. Chrome spray may be used on parts of any size and is great for all sorts of substances, including glass, plastic, metal and others.

Advantages of a spray chrome business

A chrome-spray business has multiple advantages. Since the spray is not as hazardous as the chroming chemicals that are used in plating, there are far fewer regulatory hurdles. Spray chrome can help you to give your customers the results that they want while also being a much more environmentally friendly option. PChrome offers a reseller program through which spray-chrome businesses can purchase spray-on chrome kits at up to 25 percent off. This can lead you to high profit margins from the time you open your doors. To learn more about opening your own spray-on chrome business, contact us today.

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  1. I am interested in work with spray chrome on my business, and I’d like to get all informations you have to help me prepare everything.
    I have experience with plating with old style using chemicals, not here in USA.
    Please let me know if sell the machines and products..
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi there,
    I was interested in traditional crome plating as there is no one in our area doing this anymore.
    And I understand the issues and costs of using and disposing of chemicals.
    I am interested in the spray crome, and would like some information on this.
    Thank you
    Regards Kerry.

  3. Retiring soon, don’t want to sit around. Need details about spray chrome business. Can I do this out of my triple car garage?

  4. I need advice, I recently bought a shed next to a chrome plating facility without thinking it could be covered in poisons. Now I’m worried I’ve contaminated my backyard where 3 small children play please help!

  5. I am interested in work with spray chrome on my business, and I’d like to get all informations you have to help me prepare everything
    Please let me know if sell the machines and products..
    Thank you in advance

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