10 Ways To Customize Your Motorcycle

10 Ways To Customize Your Motorcycle

As a motorcycle lover, you most likely enjoy traveling on the roads for hours at a time, feeling the wind as you pass through it while putting miles behind you. When you are sitting on your motorcycle, it is likely one of your favorite places to be. Whether you are someone who leaves your motorcycle for weekend enjoyment only or instead someone who uses it to commute every day, you likely want to make your bike stand out in addition to performing well.

There are some types of motorcycles that are completely tricked out, such as trikes with huge tires, sport motorcycles that have windscreens that are very low and low-riding motorcycles that have handlebars that appear impossibly high. Custom-styled bikes are made to fit the riders who choose them, allowing the riders to stand apart from the crowd. If you want to customize your own motorcycle, here are some ways you can go about giving yours a one-of-a-kind look that fits you.

1. Spruce up your bike with a paint job

You can choose to use a single color all over your bike, use a design of your choosing or go all out with chrome paint to give it a shine that will let everyone see you coming. PChrome is a highly versatile spray chrome than you can use on any part you wish. It can be used on plastic parts, your handlebars, your rims or anywhere else on your bike that you want to stand out.

2. Add heat to your grips

While adding heated grips won’t change your bike’s appearance, it will help you to keep enjoying the ride when it is cold out and allow you to do so while wearing lighter gloves.

3. Custom lighting

There are several options for adding custom lights, including strip lights that improve your visibility to others, focused pencil beam driving lights so you can see for greater distances, clear lenses that have faceted reflectors instead of your headlight lenses and others.

4. Customize your exhaust pipes

You can make the sound of your bike truly unique so people will always hear you coming and going. Adding customized exhaust pipes can also give your bike more horsepower. While you’re at it, consider using PChrome to give your pipes that ever-popular shine.

5. Change your seat

Think about changing your motorcycle’s saddle out for a new, more comfortable and stylish seat.

6. Change out your tires

While many motorcycle tire styles are available, most enthusiasts prefer the look and feel of wider ones.

7. Don’t forget the windshield

When you are thinking about your windshield, you’ll want to choose one that can help you to stay bug-free while also keeping you warmer at night.

8. Beef up that sound system

Your options can include a simple radio, a satellite radio or a CB radio. While there are helmet speakers that you can buy, you’ll want to make sure that they are legal to use in the places you plan to ride.

9. Add an engraving

If you have a favorite saying or a design that screams you, consider adding an engraving on the chrome of your bike.

10. Change your foot pegs

Changing out your foot pegs can let you ride in both comfort and style. People who love riding for long distances may want to choose highway pegs that are forward-placing ones. These let you stretch out your legs when you are traveling for many miles at a time.

Customizing your motorcycle can help you to ride in comfort while also expressing your style and tastes. To make your motorcycle truly stand out, buy your spray on chrome kit from our website today.