How To Customize Your R/C Car With Spray-On Chrome

Of all the different ways you can modify and personalize your RC kit, adding chrome features is the top way to make it your own. If you customize your R/C car by chroming it, you’ll find that it is a truly rewarding form of art.

A majority of RC cars are made out of polycarbonate plastic, which is incredibly strong so that the body can absorb the abuses to which the car may be subjected. If you paint your RC car correctly, its body will look terrific for a long time.

How To Customize Your RC Car With Spray-On Chrome

A Few Particulars For Spray-Chroming Polycarbonate Plastic

A majority of paints will not stick well to polycarbonate plastic. This means that you will need to use products that are specially formulated for use on RC car bodies. PChrome spray works well on a variety of different surface materials and can be used on polycarbonate plastic.

You will need to prepare by drilling and trimming the car body if it is one that will need it. This will help you later when you are trying to fit and align everything.

The Options

There are many different available types of polycarbonate plastic RC car bodies. Some are meant for specific cars while others are adaptable for whichever RC car you want. The bodies have different finish levels, with some already being trimmed and having holes pre-drilled for the body posts. Others may need to be cut loose and have holes drilled into them.

When you are shopping for your body, you will want to pay attention to all of the small details as they can impact how much effort it will take for you to paint it and fit it to your car.

Before You Spray Chrome Your R/C Car Body

After making certain that your body fits your vehicle in the manner it is supposed to, you’ll need to prepare its surface for your chrome spray application. You will need to thoroughly clean it using a mild detergent and warm water. Rinse it off and then dry it completely with lint-free paper towels or an air blower. Then, you will need to put masking tape on the windows and other areas that you do not want to chrome.

Trim the masking tape using a sharp knife, peeling away the excess tape. Then, reseal the perimeter of the tape that remains behind. Finally, prime the surface by using a good quality primer and allow it to dry completely. Sand it lightly to improve the adhesion of the chrome spray.

Mix Your Bsecoat And Apply It

Mix together your solutions from your PChrome kit in the proportions that are indicated. Then, make your basecoat by mixing together equal parts of your 2KA basecoat with the 2KB hardener, adding 20 percent to the mixture of your 2K black reducer. Spray this on with your single nozzle sprayer by using light misting applications from side-to-side, working your way from the bottom to the top. Allow this basecoat to cure for a full 24 hours before proceeding.

Apply Your Topcoat

After your basecoat has fully cured, you can then apply your topcoat. Begin by sensitizing the RC body’s surface with your W sensitizing solution followed by your D solution. Rinse with deionized water and repeat. Don’t allow it to dry, but instead immediately take your double-nozzled spray gun with your S and R solutions and spray the parts you are chroming, working your way up from the bottom. Blow off any water droplets that remain behind and allow it to dry completely.

Your topcoat mixture is made up of equal parts of your 2KA topcoat and your 2KB hardener. To this mixture, you will add 20 percent of your clear 2K reducer. Apply this using back and forth motions from the bottom to the top, repeating applications until you achieve the sheen you want. Allow it to fully harden for 48 hours. Then, if you wish, you can apply a second topcoat.

When you customize your R/C car with PChrome spray chrome, your car will stand out. Other RC car enthusiasts are likely to ask you how you achieved the look your car has. To learn more, call us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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