The Story of S

PChrome S is a solution of silver that is used to plate silver to a wide variety of surfaces. PChrome S is used with PChrome R (Reducer) to create a near instantaneous chemical reaction on a prepared surface. The silver molecules in the PChrome S react with the surface and attach (plate) themselves to the surface. This technology and chemistry was originally developed to create silver mirrors on glass. PChrome’s parent, Peacock Laboratories, led the development of the spray silver mirror process in the 1930s and has continued its on-going development with new formulations and improvements in PChrome.

PChrome S delivers two key enhancements to our customers:

  1. Extremely fast reaction time
  2. More efficient use of silver

Time is money in the chroming business. The less time you spending spraying translates directly into lower labor costs. The faster our silver reacts on the surface, the less silver you will waste down the drain. PChrome S is optimized with our PChrome R to give you a faster reacting silver and that saves you money. Less silver down the drain equals more money in your pocket.

PChrome Origins

Our Dr. Peacock, the founder of Peacock Laboratories, returned to Philadelphia from World War I. He quickly became the nation’s leading expert on silver solutions for mirror making. Over the decades, Peacock Laboratories has continuously manufactured our silver solutions in the original facilities established by Dr. Peacock in 1932.

PChrome is a product of our long history of silver chemistry and spray technology. PChrome S and its matching PChrome R are one of many specialized silvering solutions that we have developed to meet the unique needs of our varied customers. The speed and efficiency of PChrome S is a direct result of over 8 decades of silver manufacturing expertise that is unmatched in the industry. The speed of PChrome S gives our customers a competitive edge in their business.

Differences in Silver Solutions

The concentration of silver and the quality of raw materials used to manufacture the S solutions are critical. The formulation know-how and the tight manufacturing controls we bring with over 80 years of silver making history give our customers unprecedented quality and performance.

Equally important is the freshness of the solutions. Both the S and the R solutions have a relatively short shelf life. It is the nature of the chemistry that changes will occur as the product sits on the shelf. PChrome solutions are made daily and rarely sit in our warehouse for more than a few days. Most of our competitors are buying their solutions in bulk from outside the US. PChrome comes to you a few days old while others are selling product that has sat in warehouses and ships often for months. Freshness counts when you are looking for brilliance.

No Compromises

PChrome is a fully integrated coating system. Our customers appreciate and understand the value that comes from having each layer in the coating system optimized to match up with the other components. Every piece of the PChrome system was designed, formulated and manufactured in our Philadelphia plant. Those 8 decades of silver manufacturing give us an exceptionally well developed understanding of what is taking place at the molecular level.

Our PChrome basecoat is optimized as the perfect platform for our fast reacting silver solutions. Others use off the shelf urethane auto topcoats. Some work, others less so.

None of our competitor basecoats have been engineered from scratch to be the perfect silvering surface. PChrome basecoat is ideally formulated for PChrome. Its sole purpose is to be the perfect surface for PChrome S. It has no other mission. There no tradeoffs. PChrome is a fully integrated system we designed for that single purpose. Manufactured every day by us and us alone in our Philadelphia plant.

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PChrome spray offers multiple advantages over electroplating and is an excellent choice if you want to add the beauty of chrome to your projects. To learn more about chrome spray, give us a call today for more information.

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